Bootcamp Week 4

Monday – Circuits & Upper Body Toning

Nothing sets your week off with a bang quite like kettlebells. The reps are still a challenge, but I am more than ready for the tough week ahead, and am bounding with energy.

I noticed at the weekend that my leg muscles are way more defined, as well as my arms and tummy. In all honesty, I think I could have maximized the results of the course by paying close attention to my nutrition too.

Doing such vigorous exercise early in the morning definitely fires up your metabolism and your appetite. It’s important to realize that while the routines are great for burning fat, you have to be reasonable with your expectations and that copious amounts of biscuits still aren’t a great idea, no matter how intense the workout.

I realized that I will be sad when the course finishes, which indicates that my journey with kettlebells will not be over by the end of the week. Looking forward to Wednesday already.

Wednesday – Molten Core

Kettlebells have totally changed how I think about strength. Today was the first time I tried a Turkish get-up with an 8kg weight. This feat is something I thought was near impossible 3 weeks ago. However, now, instead of thinking ‘I’m not sure I can physically lift this above my head’ I think ‘what technique do I need to complete this effectively?’

The art of suggestion is a powerful thing. Elliot said that I should try an 8kg weight and just him suggesting that made it automatically more doable. It’s important to drive yourself forwards. Nonetheless, it’s a massive plus when you are surrounded by people who see your potential more clearly than you do at times.

Today’s seminar was about the personalisation of dietary choices and finding what works for you the best. It was logical, practical and empowering. I cannot emphasise how Blast! has changed my outlook on fitness, strength, and challenges generally. Can’t wait for Friday!

Friday – Warrior Ready Workout

Unfortunately, I had to attend mandatory training at work this morning, which prevented me from going to the final session of this kettlebell course. As I mentioned in a previous post, the end of the course doesn’t have to mean that my journey with kettlebells is over. In fact, it’s just the start!

*Please note individual results and experiences may vary.