Bootcamp Week 3

Monday – Circuits & Upper Body Toning

In previous diary entries, I have talked about routines getting easier. I’m starting to realise that this is not really the point. You become better at exercises and stronger overall, but the routines themselves do not really ease off.

Elliot asked me on a scale of 1-10 how difficult the class was last week. I said around a 6 or 7 and he replied that it should be an 8. Part of how you get the most out of your workout is to ensure a consistent level of challenge it seems.

As well as pushing myself, I believe that this class was more difficult as a result of the red wine that I drank last night. It was not a huge amount (2 quite big glasses), but I reckon it had an impact on how hard the class was overall.

All in all, what I have learned today is that challenge=good and red wine adds to that challenge, but that doesn’t mean I should go drinking loads of wine to get the most out of my workout. In fact, most likely the opposite is true.

Nutrition clearly has an effect on how to profit the most from the course, and I look forward to hearing more about that in Wednesday’s seminar.

Wednesday – Molten Core

Rain always makes it harder to get up in the morning. Something about its sound and the cold makes it really tempting to stay in bed. However, having a lie-in on a Wednesday is not an option for kettlebell warriors!

Even though I wasn’t leaping out of bed to get to class, I was incredibly glad once I was there. The routines were still challenging, but I decided to go heavier on one of the exercises to get more out of it. I felt more confident in the movements today, and found by the end of the session I was actually a bit sad that it was finishing. What a contrast to previous weeks!

Our seminar today was on protein and added sugar. I learned that nutritional information on packaging is not as crystal clear as it seems, and that natural ingredients seem to beat supplements for nutrition, particularly with regards to protein. Informative, and affirming stuff.

Overall, I am proud of myself today. I know I can push myself more, but it’s very rewarding knowing that I won a battle with myself this morning and made the right choice in coming to class. Actually really looking forward to Friday’s session.

Friday – Warrior Ready Workout

Jeeze Louise, my arms. And my glutes (buttocks to those like me who struggle to locate muscles by name). I know that when I’m trembling to pick up a cup of tea after the bootcamp, I have pushed myself.

The key theme of today’s class was building strength through confidence in technique. It is so satisfying to do exercises with heavier weights to then realise that these movements seemed impossible even with the lightest kettlebell just two weeks ago.

Once again, I am reminded how exercise feeds into well-being in other aspects of your life. When Elliot described the link between strength and confidence, I thought of how we can apply this connection to other areas. When you reflect on previous challenges that now are no longer obstacles, it gives you great confidence to tackle current problems you might be facing.

I am very results-oriented and it is so rewarding to see such tangible evidence of increased strength throughout the bootcamp. The final of week of this cycle is next week, so I am interested to see where it takes me.

*Please note individual results and experiences may vary.