Bootcamp Week 2

Monday - Circuits & Upper Body Toning

I definitely feel some progress today. The exercises are becoming more instinctive, and the two arm shoulder press that was previously my nemesis is definitely more manageable thanks to Elliot’s guidance on technique.

There are still frequent moments in the class when I look at the clock and wonder how on earth only a minute has passed (or even less at times). However, I find that once I regain my focus on the exercise, I’m less concerned with time and more bothered about completing the routine effectively.

Kettlebells seems to attract some awesome people. The class has an extremely friendly vibe and there is no room to feel self-conscious. Elliot is a big factor in creating the positive atmosphere- he encourages us to work independently and takes care throughout the class to check in with us all. I’m excited to see if the improvements will continue during the next session.


Wednesday – Molten Core

Week 2 of core and, dare I say it, it was a bit easier than last time. The moment I told Elliot this, I regretted it as I know that it means heavier weights and variations that will kick my ass once and for all. Nonetheless, it is very satisfying to get through the whole Turkish get-up cycle with more control and stamina than before.

We concluded the session today with a seminar on hydration, following a request from a class member the previous week. The talk was illuminating and made me think about the physical signs of hydration, and how to get hydrated effectively. It is not as simple as simply getting fluid into your system it turns out.

Elliot’s detailed knowledge on the topic was very useful and will impact how I prepare and replenish my body following exercise in the future. The talk raised a few questions about sugar for me, so I will ask if it is possible to find out more in a coming session.


Friday – Warrior Ready Workout

Holy moly. I’m somewhat lost for words because I am so physically and mentally done from today’s exercise. Friday’s class is intense- strength and endurance the whole way. The end of the week definitely goes out with a bang; in no way has the class wound down.

One thing I appreciated during this session was the importance of form. There has to be a balance between pushing yourself through mental and physical barriers, and paying close attention to completing the exercise effectively. I also value the enthusiasm of the rest of the class. It is much easier to meet the challenges of the routines when your classmates are continually driving themselves further too.

The fantastic thing about exercise, and this kettlebell class in particular, is the powerful knock-on effects it can have in other areas of your life. When you surpass your own expectations of your physical capabilities, other obstacles appear less daunting. As a small business owner, it is massively empowering to regain a sense of perspective on the tasks in hand, which I attribute in a big way to joining the class.

*Please note individual results and experiences may vary.