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May, 2012: One year on…

Yuen KSince finishing my 3 month personal training regime with Elliot in June 2011, I was left to fend for myself once again. I’d already lost one stone in those 3 months, which was the most I’d ever lost in a short space of time. For the next 8 months I tried various different workouts including cardio and strength training. I’d only managed to lose half a stone during this time, which I found frustrating. Looking back, I’ve realised that part of the reason for not losing as much weight as I’d hoped, was due to lack of consistency (some weeks I would attend the gym only twice instead of the usual four), plus I wasn’t pushing myself anywhere near as hard as I should have been. I’d realised I missed having a personal trainer to push me to my limits and to keep me motivated and stay focused.

“In the last month alone, through this new kettlebell workout,
I have lost an amazing 11lbs!”

At the end of February 2012, I looked to Elliot for help again and this time, he came up with a routine that involved High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as well as resistance training. I did this routine 2/3 times a week on top of my Body combat class and Elliot’s kettlebell class. I felt myself become stronger and fitter over those 5 weeks, which also helped me to push that bit harder in my body combat classes and left me wanting to do more! After this 5-week stint, I gave my body a rest for a week from the heavy resistance training, only to do some light cardio to keep the body moving.

“a total of 15.5 inches from all over my body, including a massive 5.5 inches just from my waist!”

Yuen Kwan LiAfter the week’s rest, I began a new routine based purely around using kettle bells that Elliot put together for me. I started attending Elliot’s kettlebell classes back in December 2011 and quickly became hooked. I found it tough to start with but enjoyed it so much I persevered and gradually over time, became stronger and better at it. In the last month alone, through this new kettlebell workout, I have lost an amazing 11lbs!

Since training with Elliot last year I have lost 2 stone 4lbs and dropped 2 dress sizes. Whilst rifling through my drawer the other day, I came across the measurements of a body scan I undertook last April (not long after I started the personal training) and I was shocked by how many inches I’d lost – a total of 15.5 inches from all over my body, including a massive 5.5 inches just from my waist! Only after reading these results did it occur to me just how much I’d achieved in the last year and I know it NEVER would have been achievable without the help of Elliot.

Never have I come across a personal trainer so dedicated to his client to help realise his/her dream of obtaining the body they’ve always wanted. He is always so generous with his time and knowledge, not just on exercise and training but also food and nutrition and is always on hand to give advice and provide encouragement at times when I have been somewhat motivationally challenged.

Yuen-boxingOver the last few months, I have realised my goals have changed since I first started out. It’s no longer just about losing weight. Now it’s about being the strongest and fittest I can possibly be, to maintain that level of fitness and NEVER going back to the way I was a year ago. Training is now a massive part of my life and I can’t ever see it being any other way. I feel that exercising has given me a new lease of life and I feel more alive and ready to take on life’s challenges whatever they may be. I cannot praise Elliot enough and there are not enough words to describe how grateful and privileged I am to know someone like him. I can guarantee, with hand on heart, that if you are serious about your fitness and are determined to achieve your goals, Elliot can make it happen.

Yuen L.

Yuen Kwan Li (Before)July, 2011:

I joined Fitness First in October 2010 but only went to the gym once/twice a week. I was lacking motivation and knew I needed a kick-start. I finally managed to enlist in the help of Elliot in March 2011 and signed up for 3 months.

My goal was to lose weight and improve my fitness levels. I was given a diary to write down everything thing I ate on a daily basis (admittedly, I struggled with this at times, as I would sometimes wait a few days to complete it and then forget what I ate 2 days ago!). It didn’t take long for Elliot to tell me that I was in fact not eating enough and needed to up my calorie intake. This got me thinking about food in general and which foods I needed to eat to give me energy to sustain my training. With the guidance of Elliot, I gave my diet an overhaul and started to eat a lot healthier and even now I think twice about what I’m putting into my body.

With the training, we concentrated on resistance work to build up my strength, (especially with my knees which I’ve always had problems with), coupled with some cardio. Each session was different, which challenged my body. I quickly learnt that I could push myself to work harder than I thought I was capable of.

In 3 months I’ve lost a stone in weight and 1 1/2 inches all over my body. I’m fitter, suppler and so much stronger than I’ve ever been and know for sure that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this on my own. From Elliot, I have learnt so much about the importance of nutrition, how the body responds to resistance training versus cardio.

After 3 months, I now have the ability and knowledge to go it alone with the help of the program that Elliot put together for me. We plan to review this every 2/3 weeks to ensure I reach my desired weight.
At first, I didn’t realise how much of an impact having a personal trainer would have, but after this short period, it has completely changed the way I think about exercise and food. I eat healthily but don’t restrict myself to the odd treat every now and then. I look at food as fuel for the body, and not just something that tastes nice. I’ve regained the motivation I’d once lost and am determined more than ever to reach my goal.

If you feel you are not achieving your goals, need a kick-start or a new challenge, then I would highly recommend Elliot. He will give you the motivation you need and challenge you to push yourself.
Thank you Elliot for all the great advice and knowledge that you’ve imparted to me over these last few months and for always going the extra mile! ;o)

Yuen L.

*Please note individual results and experiences may vary.