Project Description

What’s your story? Where did we start?

Sarah: I broke my back in 3 places. So I had to,.. it was kind of rehabilitation,.. and I couldn’t hold anything out in front of me or push doors open. Even like empty out,…

Sofia: Or bend over?!

Sarah: Even like empty out pasta, that was a big thing in my life. So yea I went to Elliot and now I can do all of those things and more

Sofia: So, I had a lot of anxiety and depression and i found that exercise was a way to help that, help me cope with that and Elliot really helped.

How did training help you?

Sarah: Well, I got my strength back, yea so I thought all the problems were in my back but Elliot explained that I had actually lost all the chest muscles and that was what stopped me from holding things. So yea now I can do a lot of things and people are always shocked at what I can do.

Sofia: So for me I gained a lot of confidence in what I can do. I also started running a lot and run a few races this year, which I wouldn’t have been able before training.

What were the best bits of training and what do you want to do more of?

Sarah: For me the best bit is just training with Elliot to be fair.

I look forward going every week to just see Elliot and have fun, its not like, I mean it is hard but its not a hardship kind of things because Elliot make it fun and he tells me to get my butt in gear and I need to get my butt in gear so, I love erm, when we do circuits though, that’s my favourite thing.

Sofia: No… that’s my least favourite things! No I like, agree with what she says, seeing Elliot every week is really nice and erm, also reaching new goals and doing things that I never thought I’d be able to do, that’s really cool as well.

What was most challenging?

Sarah: You start,

Sofia: I think in the beginning… So like 2-ish years ago the most challenging was like staying on track, like going every week and finding the motivation, but more recently has been a couple of injuries that have been most challenging to deal with but we’ve come over those now and were back on track.

Sarah: For it was mainly finding out what I could and couldn’t do. So certain things that Elliot would suggest, like I just wouldn’t be able to do it, because I don’t have rotation or my scar would start pulling, loads of lovely things, but Elliot always got around that, so yea there was like little challenges but good

Would you recommend a PT to anyone and why?

Sarah: Yea I definitely would, I mean I gain so much from it

Sofia: …and I also think it really helps that erm, they help track your progress we have measurements every week. He writes down all the exercises, and then like if I go to the gym alone I can ask him for the workout and that’s really helpful ’cause sometimes you just don’t know what to do.

Sarah: Yea, even you like, you get a routine set as well, so that you can build your confidence in the gym space. When or if you go alone its quite daunting, so yea you have the confidence with a PT

Sofia: And also because were both students, I think having set PT appointments twice a week it sort of structures your life a bit more because I find that student life can be a bit unstructured, so I think that’s a really good thing about it as well.

— end of transcript—