Project Description

Strength Training for Weight Loss and Better Body Composition

PART 3: JUNE 2011

Strength Training Carol P on Leg PressI have been training with Elliot for about five months now and have enjoyed every minute of it; he makes each session challenging yet fun. For the past eight weeks, I have done a lot of stability, balance, upper and lower body strength, core and cardiac training and my fitness levels and strength have continued to improve. The areas that have undergone the biggest change have been my core, waist and thighs. I have dropped two dress sizes and have lost 6 kg in five months. People I see everyday are commenting on how toned I look and how my body shape has changed, which is really encouraging. I know I could not have achieved this on my own. Elliot has kept me motivated and focussed on achieving my goals. I’m looking forward to the next 12 sessions.

PART 2: MAY 2011

Strength Training Carol P on Clean and PressAfter working out three or four times a week for a period of seven months, I was beginning to feel discouraged because I didn’t look or feel any better than I had since joining the gym, so I decided to elicit the help of personal trainer, Elliot Bulley.

At the initial consultation, Elliot and I discussed my goals, nutrition, lifestyle and current training regime. This was followed by a fitness test to establish where I was from a fitness point of view. Elliot then designed a 12-week programme around my age, current fitness level and goals, which comprised a combination of resistance and weight training for muscle building and upper and lower body strength, core exercises for core strength, balance and stability and cardio training for fat burning and fitness. The training regime was challenging and tiring at first but it became easier as my strength and fitness improved. Throughout the 12 weeks, Elliot constantly monitored my progress and adjusted my training regime when necessary, and kept me motivated by varying each session and pushing me to achieve more than I thought I was capable of doing.

By the end of the 12-week programme my posture had improved, I had lost 3 kg, several inches around the waist, my arms and legs were a lot leaner and more toned and I felt stronger and fitter than I had in years. I also have a much better understanding of the science behind exercise, and the importance of nutrition and rest when training.

For me, personal training has become an essential part of my fitness regime. I have achieved more in 12 weeks with Elliot than I did in seven months working out on my own. I can highly recommend Elliot for anyone who is serious about training but finds it difficult to achieve results on their own.

Strength Training Carol P on Pull Ups

PART 1: MARCH 2011

My main objective for doing the 12-week transformation programme is to achieve overall body toning and to increase my fitness levels. The first three weeks of the programme focussed on increasing fitness levels, strength, stability and gaining muscle. I was also given advice on nutrition and rest as I have a tendency to skip meals and suffer from chronic insomnia.

From a cardiac point of view, my fitness levels have improved steadily. Over the past three weeks my times for a 400 metre run have gone from around 2 mins 22 seconds to 1 minute 46 seconds with my heart rate dropping from the mid 170’s to just under 170.

During the first two weeks, I struggled a bit with back, core and upper body strength and training was focussed on increasing overall strength through resistance and weight training. By the end of the second week, I felt exhausted and weaker than I had been prior to starting the programme, and recovery was taking several days. This was due in part to skipping meals and lack of sleep, which made me realise the importance of eating properly and getting sufficient rest when training. However, after a “rest” day at the start of the third week I felt much better and was able to continue training as before. By the end of the third week, I felt I had regained a lot of my strength and my energy levels were up.

I was advised to keep a food diary and to record how much sleep I was getting, which has proved very useful. Apart from a few occasions in the second week of training, I have not skipped any meals and have been eating more protein. Insomnia remains a problem although I have been trying to go to bed earlier and relax even if I don’t sleep.

Although I can’t see any physical difference, I feel fitter and stronger than I did before commencing training but still have a long way to go to achieve my goals.

*Please note individual results and experiences may vary.