David’s Testimonial:David Eliz

A busy six months at work and too much eating out and drinking in the week had seen me stop training and putting on a few extra kilos. Looking to get back into shape I signed up for Elliot’s 12-week transformation programme.

Nine weeks in I’m delighted with the results I’ve put on muscle, my body fat has dropped 7% and I’m feeling really fit. I’d never used Kettle Bell weights before and they’re now a personal favourite.

I’ve never enjoyed spending time on cardio equipment so the combination of weights, circuits and boxing has been great. Elliot is good at keeping you motivated and changes the exercises regularly to keep things interesting.

December 2011

Elizabeth’s Testimonial:

Elizabeth AI had been working out for about 6 months at what I thought was a decent level but was not seeing the results I wanted. I signed up for the 12-week transformation with Elliot and realised that the key was not working out harder, it was working out better.

After 6 weeks I had lost inches from my legs, waist and even my arms. I also consistently have more energy, fewer niggling pains, am sleeping better and am doing exercises in the gym I always saw other people do but never thought I would be able to. And I really enjoy the sessions with Elliot.

He walks the perfect line between supportive, expectant and patient without ever letting me drop a set or not hit the results he knows are important to me.

December 2011

*Please note individual results and experiences may vary.